Antique Coins

Buy and Sell.

Antique Coins

Buy and Sell.

Antique Clocks

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living.

Chola Gold Coins

Rare Collections of Cholar's Gold Coins.

Who we are

Antique dealers buy and sell items which are valuable because they are old or in demand. These can include furniture, household goods, industrial goods, china, glass, paintings, toys, books, records, coins, stamps and old postcards.

The Work You could be

  • buying and selling in a range of items, or specialising in one area, for example, in furniture
  • attending auctions, trade fairs, markets and house clearances to bid for and sell goods
  • buying, selling and checking prices of items on the internet
  • constantly looking out for bargains and monitoring the market
  • studying the identity and value of items
  • negotiating prices with sellers and buyers
  • making minor repairs to damaged goods
  • building up a network of contacts
  • advising customers what their items are worth for insurance or sales purposes.

Old Coins, Ancient Coin, Antique Note, Copper Coin, Ram Darbar Coin, Antique Pieces, Metal Coin, Commemorative Coin, Antique Lanterns, Antique Replicas are Available.


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